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The worst insurance company I have ever delt with

United Healthcare plays by their own rules.  Especially when it come to prescriptions.  I was put on anti-depression and anti-anxiety medication by my doctor.  United Healthcare allowed me to take it just long enough to get evened out on it and start feeling better, then came up with excuses as to why I could not purchase it at my local pharmacy.  My doctor followed up on it, faxed in all of the paperwork required, and it was only supposed to take about a week…according to the person my husband talked to.  That was 3 months ago, and they still haven’t done anything.  They told me that eventhough my doctor marked the case urgent, it was up to them whether or not THEY deemed it urgent.  They did not deem it urgent because they did not consider it to be a life or death situation, eventhough I was taken off of work for a whole week because of my depression and anxiety, and have thoughts of hurting myself.  My whole family is being affected by this because I have horrible mood swings, and cry at the drop of a hat.  But do you think that the insurance company, that we pay every two weeks to provide a service really cares??  NO!!!  I am just another case number to them, and a non urgent one at that.  Basically, I am a nobody to them.

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  • Against UHC says:

    Communication with UHC is the worst. They will deny receiving anything, including faxes which show receipt confirmation. This whole company is such a scam!

  • depatrick says:

    Stupid United Health Care called me EVERY day to get information on reducing my copay for medicade. Sent it to them 2 1/2 weeks ago…………still havent heard anything. Called several times to reach “counselors”……….nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!