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United’s Dental Customer Survey Is A Farce

My dentists office has sent me repeated statements stating that they are still awaiting payment from United Healthcare Dental for claims related to my spouses partial plate. This has been going on since early this year. We paid our required half of the charge but United has never paid their share. I’ve called their customer service number every time I’ve received another “awaiting payment” notice from the dentist. Each time I’ve been told by a different rep that the check had already been sent to the dentist but had not been cashed yet. But when I call my dentist they state that they’ve never received any payments yet from United.
Now, as aggravating at that is what makes it worse is when I try to take their “short survey” about their service the system shuts down after I respond with negative feedback. That same friendly voice asking for my opinion suddenly changes into a low grumble of “we’re sorry but were experiencing problems completing the survey”, click!!

In the meantime my dentist is charging us new interest each month on United’s unpaid balance. I’m at my wits end as to resolve this.

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