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Senator Udall has started an investigation of UHC

Initially posted on Facebook:

This is an update to let folks know that Senator Udall has started an investigation of UHC and thier actions on a military retiree family request.

TRICARE insurance by congressional law mandates the insurance as benefit “entitlement” to those who have suffered a disabling injury, or met duty requirements and retire from serving in the US military and protecting your country.
You are due this benefit and in my humble opinion; UHC is managing this insurance entitlement like a civilian health program maximizing a return of investment (money). I do not believe they are acting on your behalf or interest. I think they only care about the bottom line, money, not providing for you and assisting you to achieve the best care available, in my humble opinion.
The Congressional law states that TRICARE insurance is it is to provide the best health care possible to military retirees and family.
I encourage you if you are having problems and no one is listening, or helping you, to post your plight on the Facebook page, and then contact your Congressman to investigate and ensure you are receiving the care promised to you by law. In Colorado, Senator Udall is your point of contact. If you file a complaint with TRICARE it will be investigated by UHC! (surprise). Of course you can guess as to what the outcome will be.
Senator UDALL is investigating this matter for me, however you need to file with him or he can’t help you. He WILL help you.
Go to the website and you can start investigation in less than 5 easy minutes. http://www.markudall.senate.gov/?p=casework_form_standalone&standalone=1
It will only take a few complaints to have hem to see it is a very large problem requiring a full Congressional oversight investigation. Then we can get this fixed for all retires as a result of an unbiased independent investigation. Help yourself, and help your fellow warriors.