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Your Job or Your Dying Mother ?

I am employed by uhc, my mother dying she is 93 years old.  Since I went bring her to live with in the 2nd week of September with Alzheimer’s it has been nightmare.  I ran out of PTO.  On September 28, 2015 she fell and broke her arm.  I took her to the emergency room and was wrote up, and give a occurrence.  When I took to the orthopedic surgeon again was give another occurrence and another.  I went home because I could not reach anyone.  I told my supervisor I would work from home for the rest of the day,  When I got home I found my husband laying on the floor called paramedics he was in a diabetic coma the paramedics said, I was given another occurrence.  He was rush to the emergency room and put in the ICU for 4 days.  Thanks to the lord he recovered, and I was again given another occurrence .  Then my mother  had a stroke  and again I was given another occurrence, for going to the hospital with my mother.
Again I was written up when I came in late for setting up hospice care for her.  Now I am at 5.5 occurrence’s.

Once upon a time I was so happy to be working at this company.  I guess I was a fool!  Now I have requested a personal leave the physicians are saying she only has 7 to 10 days to live.  I received a email from my manager saying the personal leave had not been approve and it is the companies expectation that I will be to work on time on Monday 11/30/2015.There is documentation for all these event but it does not matter  does it ?  My job is being threaten because mother is dying !  This is something I would have never believe of my beloved company.  I guess I will now have to look for another job because I can not change the prognosis for my mother life expectancy.

G. W.