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Full Story: 8 Months Against United Healthcare

My wife went for a regular GYN checkup on February 3rd, 2011, which included some standard tests, conducted by LabCorp. This resulted in three unpaid bills:

  • Dr. C’s bill was for $242.68
  • First LabCorp bill for $830
  • Second LabCorp bill for $245

In response to the above claims, on February 28th (almost one month later!), United Healthcare sent us a standard pre-existing conditions questionnaire, a letter asking for the names and contact information of all doctors whom my wife had visited between 10/1/2010 and 10/1/2010. Yes, this is just one day. I called UHC and asked about an explanation. They said that there was a computer error when the letter was generated and they would send a new one. So they did.

The new letter listing correct dates (time frame between 6/12/2010 and 9/12/2010) arrived a couple weeks later leading to further delay in re-processing! My wife and I filled it out and sent it as soon as possible (I didn’t keep a copy so I don’t have the exact date). Continue reading

My Battle with United Healthcare

United Healthcare COULDN’T prove that my wife DIDN’T have pre-existing conditions. So, they assumed she did, and denied three claims! They requested that all doctors whom my wife had seen in the past need to send UHC letters confirming that she had no pre-initial conditions. The problem is that UHC declined to be receiving the letters and faxes the doctors were sending them!!! I was LUCKY and I won, read on to find out how! Continue reading