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My Battle with United Healthcare

United Healthcare COULDN’T prove that my wife DIDN’T have pre-existing conditions. So, they assumed she did, and denied three claims! They requested that all doctors whom my wife had seen in the past need to send UHC letters confirming that she had no pre-initial conditions. The problem is that UHC declined to be receiving the letters and faxes the doctors were sending them!!! I was LUCKY and I won, read on to find out how!

  • United Healthcare DID NOT RECEIVE a single letter from ANY of the doctors whom my wife had visited in the past, without my constant involvement in the process.
  • UHC attempted to push my bills into collection in order to make ME pay them!
  • UHC’s reps repeatedly lied to me that they hadn’t received letters and faxes which were sent to them.
  • UHC lied to me about the status of my wife’s claims in order to stop me from continuing to actively monitor and manage the re-processing of the claims.
  • UHC REFUSED to let me record the INSANE conversations I was having with them!!!
  • The letters which United Healthcare were sending to the doctors DID NOT contain enough information for the doctors to know what is requested from them!
  • Some of the letters which UHC sent out had only a first name initial and the second name (no address or contact info) of two doctors which my wife SUPPOSEDLY saw in the past (only she never did!).

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