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United Healthcare and Take Care Clinic (Walgreens)

Letters of Warning about Walgreens Take Care Clinic sent to Illinois Dept of Insurance, SHIP, Senior Services Plus, Attorney General for exploitation of Senior Citizens, Senior Advantage, IL Dept on Aging, 912 Super Seniors, AARP, President of Walgreens Gregory Wasson, Patriot Network, American Senior Association, AMAC
This is a warning to Senior Citizens regarding what is already happening with our health care.
The following is an account of what happened when I wasn’t covered for an urgent visit to Take Care Clinic run by Walgreens. This is what I sent to the Insurance Grievance Committee:

I have been sent to the Take Care Clinic in the past when my Doctor couldn’t see me . It was usually a case of some type of infection that needed to be treated and an emergency room wasn’t appropriate. As a result of the Doctory having me use this service, I would go to the Take Care Clinic when I needed some treatment that shouldn’t be left until my Doctor was able to see me. In the past, I would make a co pay and my insurance would pay the rest. Now due to the restrictions already in place with the Presidents anticipated Obamacare, the insurance companies are clamping down on what they will cover and the providers are not informing Senior Citizens about this. In addition, they do not respond to the inquiries by Seniors for the bills they receive unless the Senior raises a real fuss and gets the advocates involved. Below you will see a letter I wrote to the Insurance Company regarding this. Copies of this were sent to Walgreens take care clinic and to the Government assistance for Medicare recipients.

This is in response to your letter of 8/14/12 that I just received today, four days after your sending it.
I am disputing an action to dismiss this appeal because the delay was caused by Take Care stringing me along every month when I called them. I called them each time I received a bill and was told that they were working on it. They even promised to accelerate the claim. I didn’t find out until two days ago when I called and faxed the supervisor that they do not code visits to Take Care as urgent even though it was an urgent visit.

Needless to say, I am furious at their stall tactics. I went to that Clinic because it was on the weekend and at the time my Doctor didn’t have an answering service. I did try to call him. I was concerned that the eruption on my face which had grown in size and became inflamed was Mersa.

I extended all efforts to get this resolved. I wrote to the Dept of Insurance, SHIP, the Vice President of the Company, the insurance company and Take Care. I faxed the letters plus additional proofs of my efforts. I am a senior citizen living on moderate Social Security $16,000 a year. I have to be very cautious with my expenses.

Note that the first statement of benefits from United Healthcare showed I was covered. It wasn’t until the next month I got the bill from Take Care. I called the insurance company. They said Take Care needed to code it as Urgent Care. I called Take Care to tell them that’s what they needed to do. I gave them the provider number for United Healthcare so they could call them. They agreed to do so.
I am including proofs of all my efforts. With these it is apparent that the delay in my grievance is the direct result of Take Care stringing me along month after month. Now they tell me they never code as Urgent Care.
I am sending copies of all of this to SHIP and the Illinois Dept of Insurance. I am also sending all of this to Senior Organizations in order to warn Seniors about this Scam. In the future any emergency I have will wait until my Physician is in his office. I will not sit in the waiting room of emergency with sick children running around. The immune system of the Senior Citizen is not as strong as with a younger person. If I go to emergency, it will be in an ambulance. I urge you to reconsider your decision.

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