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United’s mistakes

I had surgery on my knee in 2013 that involved billings for the surgeon, the surgery center, an MRI provider and a anesthesiologist. I paid my the bills from the four providers in full fully expecting that I had paid my deductible and taken care of the matter. I had a minor dermatology procedure performed 3 months latter and the dermatologist’s office sent me a bill saying that United told them that I hadn’t paid my deductible. My deductible was $750.00 and I paid $2032.00 out of pocket for my knee surgery which should have satisfied my deductible. I had to call United 3 times before I was able to speak with a representative that was able to make some sense of the problem. He told me that United had made some mistakes in applying my payments which caused them to make mistakes in telling the medical providers how much I owned for my portion of the costs. He said ” I’m sorry for the mistake” but that left me with the responsibility of contacting the providers to find out who I had overpaid and who I hadn’t. So far, I’ve only been able to get one provider to acknowledge that I over paid them when the United Representative told me that I had overpaid two. I may never receive the total amount I overpaid for my deductible and coinsurance due to United Healthcare’s mistakes. I have made a complaint to my state’s insurance commission.

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