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United Healthcare / Amil Complaints

Originally posted on our facebook page: United Healthcare bought the Brazilian well conceited Amil and the complains already started. I Worked at a company that was coverage by Amil , deciding to leave the company , I called Amil stating that I would stick to the plan as an individual . The same referred me to a broker who negotiated the best modality , did the contract , paid , Amil cashed my check days after signing the contract, which happened on 14 / 02 . The termination of coverage would end on 01 / 03 when it should start the new contract.
Today , 06/ 03 my wife was taking an exam and the hospital didn’t accepted, we called Amil to request understand what was hapenning and for my surprise I was informed that the plan was not in the system, I questioned that I had not received any return of the broker and my check had already been cashed. After calling broker , she went to investigate. I just received a return of the manager of the broker stating that Amil was declining the contract because my daughter 6 years old had consumed much of the earlier plan . previous contract, my family of 5 members almost didn’t use the plan . That consumption of my 6 year old daughter , it was a crisis , the first and only, acute bronchitis where she was hospitalized for a week. Then I ask Amil and United Healthcare what does It cover?, Why have a plan if a simple fact that a child be hospitalized for a bout of bronchitis is enough for AMIL deny the renew of a contract? We live in the third world and we now United HealthCare came to sell for us services of the third world, where profit , speculation and lack of scruples is prevailing more than the quality of the service.

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