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Incompetent, law-breaking liars!

What a horrid company UHC is! Their agents blatantly lie to cheat one out of money.

My situation began when I wanted to go to a physical therapist regarding a lower back injury I had encountered on my own. I shopped around for a couple months to find an office that would take UHC and charged acceptable rates. I found a highly-rated office that said with a referral I wouldn’t have to pay much other than a copay for each visit. I got a referral, and the office contacted UHC to confirm that I WOULD ONLY NEED TO PAY MY $45 COPAY UPON EACH VISIT.

Fast forward several months, and, suddenly, the office sends me a bill for well over $300, showing that UHC had only covered an extremely tiny portion. Assuming a clerical error must be involved, I immediately contacted the office, only to have it confirmed that UHC definitely did not pay for my visits as it had been indicated they would.

I called UHC’s customer service, and the first person I talked to immediately understood my situation, reviewed my account, and said there was definitely a problem. She said the filing was done improperly, and that I definitely shouldn’t have to be paying the office anything. She said, in fact, that I may even be entitled to a refund! She transferred me to a “claims specialist” to get the matter resolved and the bill paid by UHC.

I speak to the “claims specialist”, who puts me on hold for nearly 10 minutes to just “review” my account. After coming back, she says everything looks just fine. There were no errors and that UHC would definitely not be paying the bill.

Uh… what?

When I finally escalated to the supervisor, I was again informed that everything was totally right and that I had a $500 deductible to meet. When I told her that she is either lying about this now, or multiple representatives lied to me and to the physical therapy office before, she just told me I could fax or mail a form to appeal the billing. She could not tell me where to get this form, nor where to send it.

Horrid, law-breaking liars. I was only with them because of my father’s insurance, and I’m now on my own with Blue Shield. UHC should be taken down permanently for their lying and thievery.