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Please forgive me but I am going to vent a little. I am 56 at this time. I’ve just been denied for a policy that I would pay $300.00 per month in premiums with a $12,000.00 deductible from United Healthcare. Over the past ten years or so I paid United Healthcare approximately $36,000.00 under a group plan. They have paid approximately on the high side to be fair about $4,000.00 in claims. I take two drugs for depression. I get my drugs from Canada. In the US on United Healthcare the real drug (not generic) would be $800.00 per quarter. When I purchase them from Canada and have my Doctor fax them my prespription I pay $150.00 per quarter. Significant cost savings. I recently resigned my job and went to apply for Insurance through United directly. I was declined due to the depression. I’ve never been hospitalized and my Doctor tells me it is a chemical imbalance because they could not put a name to the problem. There is nothing else wrong with me.  I’ve not even been to a Physcian in 3-5 years for a cold.  I’ve hardly used the Insurance I had in the past. They as a company are on the up side of the dollars I’ve paid in and the dollars they have paid out on this challenge. I see the Doctor quarterly for medication management. It costs them about $85.00 per quarter and I pay the Doctor a $40.00 co – pay plus the cost of the Drugs. In essense from my perspective I’ve paid them $36,000.00 and they have declined me because they might have to pay out for these insignificant claims.  Please remember I would have a $12,000.00 deductible with the policy.  It does not even seem good business from my perspective. I’ve never been denied before, and I really believe they are looking for any reason to deny people. Please consider Boycotting United Healthcare.  Thanks for reviewing my post.